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Programme Design Approach

I specialise in the delivery of in-house, bespoke courses that are developed and tailored to your business needs.  Training as well as action-oriented working sessions that get your teams engaged, motivated and makes them part of the solution. 


I create programmes around two of the most significant transformations our organisations are facing today:  Digital Transformation and Environmental Sustainability.  I also design targeted leadership development such as managing change and building agility & resilience.


All content can be easily designed for your organisation as engaging webinars, Zoom sessions, classroom, video series or tailored for your own learning platform.


Contact me and let's discuss your particular learning needs.

Digital & Leadership Programmes


Digital Transformation, Digital Culture and Innovation in the Workplace

Successful digital transformation is not only about technology enablement but about evolving how a business operates and driving needed culture change (the biggest blocker when ignored). It’s about creating the right digital culture, new ways of working and encouraging an agile, innovation mindset across the workforce.


Suggested Session Objectives:

  • Explore how the COVID-19 pandemic and world-wide lockdown have accelerated transformation, culture change and innovation

  • Demystifying ‘digital’ and the impacts of emerging technologies in the workplace

  • Understanding stages of successful digital transformation such as People, Process and Technology

  • Creating a digital culture of collaboration, innovation, experimentation and continuous learning

  • Experimenting with techniques to innovation and creativity such as Design Thinking, Ideation and Rapid Prototyping

Digital Leadership and Effectively Leading in the Workplace ‘New Normal’

Leadership in the workplace today must have a new approach. New digital skills, the challenge of leading remote teams, being agile and the ability to continuously learn are just some of the capabilities required to be an effective leader today.  As change continues to accelerate and workplaces evolve, leaders need a new Digital Emotional Intelligence (DEQ).


Suggested Session Objectives:

  • Explore how the COVID-19 pandemic and world-wide lockdown have accelerated the need for urgent digital leadership skills

  • Identify how the capabilities and mindset of leadership are evolving as a result of digital technologies

  • Explore the skills and attributes of Digital Emotional Intelligence (DEQ) such as Learning Agility, Digital Dexterity and Change Capacity

  • Understand trademarks of agile organisations and how to create successful digital cultures

  • Create successful remote working and digital collaboration within your teams

The leadership of Change – Building Agility and Resilience

Leaders are challenged more and more recently with not only getting the best out of their teams but maintaining consistent productivity, even during times of significant disruption.  Strategy and traditional leadership capabilities are not enough in an environment that demands strong agility and resilience in the face of change.  New skills such as creating successful digital cultures, managing a remote workforce and applying Emotional Intelligence in times of stress are now fundamental.


Suggested Session Objectives:

  • Leading in the workplace ‘new normal’ during and post COVID-19 lockdown

  • Being a leader in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous)

  • Embed key dynamics of successful teams and remote working such as psychological safety and dependability

  • Develop resilient mindsets such as Opportunity vs Danger Orientation, Internal vs External Perspective and Growth vs Fixed Mindset

  • Apply Emotional Intelligence (EQ) concepts to successful change such as conflict management and self-awareness


Short Talks, Virtual Key Notes and videos

  • War stories & lessons learnt of leaders during the COVID-19 lockdown

  • Tips & tricks for evolving quickly as a leader in times of disruption

  • What is Digital Emotional Intelligence (DEQ) and how to get it!

  • Plus – tailoring talks to your business needs (throw me a topic and I’ll deliver)

Sustainability Programmes


Embracing a Sustainable Future - Sustainability for People, Planet and Prosperity

An introductory awareness course for anyone and any business to help get past the climate catastrophe headlines and truly understand what sustainability means and how we should be responding as countries, companies and communities.  This fun and engaging course will debunk myths and really help the audience understand where we are and how we need to take action. 


Suggested Session Objectives:

  • Explore how the COVID-19 pandemic and world-wide lockdown continues to impact environmental sustainability around the globe

  • Demystify the buzzword ‘sustainability’ and clarify often confusing concepts like carbon neutral, carbon negative and greenwashing

  • Understand our own personal journeys around sustainability and hear Tom’s own journey to sustainability through living in the Malaysian Borneo jungle with an indigenous tribe

  • Investigate meaningful sustainability trends, headlines and case studies from around the world

  • Introduce the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how they help us understand the three pillars of sustainability:  Environmental, Social and Economic


Sustainability Business Strategies

All businesses in all sectors are facing growing pressure and accountability for sustainability.  Today, it is critical to have a strategy and practical roadmap to transition to a more sustainable, responsible business.  This course will help you to understand sustainability in a strategic, business-focused way that highlights the opportunities, not just the threats. We will examine helpful frameworks like the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, sustainability reporting and case studies of how organisations are leading in green transformation. Through working sessions, not theory, we will create an action plan for integrating sustainability across your organisation’s value chain to ensure long-term business success. 


Suggested Session Objectives:

  • Explore how the COVID-19 pandemic and world-wide lockdown continues to impact environmental sustainability and business strategy around the globe

  • Understand the landscape of sustainability and critical trends, challenges and opportunities

  • Analyse the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework for sustainable businesses

  • Create the sustainability business case and leadership for action

  • Build a sustainability vision and strategy

  • Create an action plan and practical roadmap for integrating sustainability across your business’s value chain

  • Utilise culture and mindset change as key organisational levers to facilitate change



Talks, Virtual Key Notes and short videos

  • Borneo Stories! – Adventures in the jungle and the lessons brought home

  • Will the COVID-19 lockdown permanently change our sustainability mindset?

  • Widening the definition of Sustainability – It’s much more than just climate change!

  • Plus – tailoring talks to your business needs (throw me a topic and I’ll deliver)