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Digital Transformation


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that digital transformation is just about technology, social media and digitised services.  Technology is a tool and digital a channel. It’s your people that will truly drive the success or failure of your strategy in this digital age.


Early In Your Journey


Early in your journey

Getting the digital basics right

What is digital transformation?

Simply put, digital transformation is about revolutionising your business to meet the demands of our digital society.  There is no longer a question of transforming or not. To survive and succeed in the digital age, as a minimum an organisation must:

  • align skill, culture and talent strategies to underpin digital

  • use creativity and innovation to become a 21st century organisation

  • create products & services in more digital, agile ways

  • develop adaptable & resilient people for ongoing transformation

Why is it important to your organisation?

Do you really still need to be convinced?  Today’s business context is simply ‘disrupt or be disrupted’.  

All organisations in all sectors are experiencing constant and exponential change due to digital transformation.  Business models, supply chains, customer engagement, skill sets, culture... all need to shift to meet the challenges and opportunities offered by digital.

How can TFB help?

The ethos of TFB is about transforming your people along with transforming with digital.  We help businesses get the people side of their digital agenda right by partnering on the needed skills, culture and talent strategies to underpin their digital foundation.  To accomplish this, the biggest focus is on three key areas.


A successful digital skills transformation is about identifying new skill sets...


A successful digital strategy must be supported by a collaborative, dynamic culture…


No organisation can succeed in the digital space without the right digital talent...

Next Digital Level

Taking it to the next level





The results we are all looking for:

  • Continued business viability fueled by digital

  • Engaged governments meeting citizens’ needs

  • Strong digital economies

  • Creative, innovative products & services

  • Digital Emotional Intelligence

Moving beyond digital transformation

We as professionals, organisations and governments never stop transforming but it’s past the tipping point of considering just the why and how to start with digital.  Now, the focus is results. We must accelerate innovation, next generation capability, the next wave of talent strategies and further digital culture evolution.


Digital Emotional Intelligence

All these results we are striving for come down to having one thing as an individual, organisation or government:  Digital Emotional Intelligence (DEQ). What we have learned in the past few years is a confirmation that technology is a tool, not the end product.  It is an enabler. Even the shiny new emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are only bridges for what we really strive success, productivity, personal effectiveness and a richer life experience.  These are the ultimate goals.

TFB still 100% believes in the philosophy it established with its inception several years ago:

‘Digital is about people, not technology.  It’s about Emotional Intelligence, not Artificial Intelligence.’

- Founder Tom Bryant

Digital EQ

What is Digital Emotional Intelligence (DEQ)?

TFB keeps it practical, not theoretical. If Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to understand, empathise and negotiate with other people, then DEQ is the ability to evolve and apply EQ through digital channels and cultures.  For example, individuals manage communications and relationships in new digital ways, while organisations use digital to advance internal collaboration and external customer engagement.  Doing this effectively requires DEQ.  Our environment and ways of communicating have evolved through digital and so must our intelligence, communication, collaboration and emotional maturity.  There is no choice for 21st century professionals and organisations if we intend to be successful in the digital age.

How can TFB help?

Digital Emotional Intelligence may seem illusory or complex but TFB de-mystifies it.  Put people first, not technology. Re-establish what EQ means for your organisation and then apply the digital lens.  Realise that what made your organisation intelligent, effective, engaging yesterday is not the same today and evolve. TFB can help guide you through:



  • tailored, targeted DEQ learning programmes

  • keynotes and presentations

  • coaching on DEQ development for senior leaders

  • bespoke DEQ videos for training and communications

  • organisation and government advisory




Artificial Intelligence

AI Integration and Transformation

TFB specialises in guiding organisations and leadership teams through AI integration, empowering them to embrace AI as a driver of innovation and growth. AI is reshaping industries rapidly, demanding a proactive approach to stay competitive. 

Understanding AI's potential is crucial – from optimising operations, enhancing customer experiences to unlocking new revenue streams. Yet, success requires more than technology.  It requires a mindset shift towards change, agility, and resilience. Change agility is essential for organisations to pivot quickly in response to evolving market dynamics and technological advancements.

Tom Bryant offers tailored awareness sessions and workshops to equip leadership teams with the knowledge and tools needed for meaningful AI transformation, while fostering a culture of agility and innovation, ensuring organisations thrive in the AI-driven future.  From crafting tailored AI strategies to executing impactful implementation plans, he's committed to helping organisations future-proof their businesses and thrive in the age of AI.

Ready to unlock AI's full potential and lead your organisation into the future?

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