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Sustainability is everyone’s

priority now




Sustainability Transformation


Everyone and every business is being impacted by sustainability challenges.  Companies in particular are having to evolve their business strategy and operations due to significant environmental, social and economic trends. We’ve moved beyond just CSR initiatives and must now consider global and local impacts such as climate change, resource scarcity, waste management, removing inequalities, sustainable supply chains and hyper-transparency.

There are so many elements to successful environmental, social and economic sustainability that it’s easy for businesses to become overwhelmed.  But, the implications for business are substantial.  As these trends rise, the standard channels of business risk, such as strategic, operational, compliance and reputational, are all greatly affected.

How can TFB help?

Tom combines his 20+ years of collective experience in Business and Digital Transformation with Sustainability Transformation to partner with businesses to radically evolve and make a positive global impact.

  • Strategic and practical approaches to sustainability

  • Emerging technology tools for sustainability assessment & monitoring

  • Tailored corporate and customer education programmes

  • Keynotes and presentations

  • Research and benchmarking

  • Translating the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) into practical action

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